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India's First Agritech Supportive & Management Company.

We provide agricultural supportive services to the farmers through advanced technology.

Our Services

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Technology Driven

GPS Systems: Farmers now use GPS-based technology to steer farm equipment like tractors, sprayers or harvesters. This allows farmers to control their equipment remotely from their office or wireless device. They can also calibrate equipment to run in the fields automatically and achieve down-to-the-centimeter precision. This decreases the cost of labor or time spent by farmers tending to crops, and gives them the ability to multitask in the fields.
Data Integration: Data integration of crops, weather, equipment and from sensors placed on crops in the field. The software then shares this data with other farmers and databases of agricultural data to make forecasts and to help farmers make more calculated decisions in all aspects of their production, from product ordering to crop tending.

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Cost Effective

All aspects of the environment – soil, weather, vegetation, water – vary from place to place and all these factors determine crop growth and farming success. Farmers lack the tools to measure, map and manage these variations precisely. Precision Farming can make a difference to food production facing the challenge of a rising world population and can help farmers to achieve - Greater sustainability, Higher productivity, Economic benefits and Environmental protection. Precision Farming is becoming more seamless, cost-effective and easier for farmers to install/use with cost-effective monitors, controllers and the integration into single data management systems.

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Support & Advisory

Agricultural extension and rural advisory services provide critical access to the knowledge and information that rural people need to increase the productivity and sustainability of their production systems, and thus improve the quality of their lives and livelihoods. Advisory services play a significant role in risk management by providing timely information on weather, diverse pests, input use, markets, and by improving knowledge of agricultural practices that enable producers to make sound decisions on production such as planting, variety selection, pest management, harvesting etc. Better knowledge sharing and improved use of available information and knowledge for desired changes are also at the center of agricultural innovation systems.

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Integrated Services

Integrated Farming Management System enables the farmers to identify opportunities and threats and act accordingly and at the same time, consider consumer interests in their business. Farms that aim for high food production using integrated sustainable practices could be better for the environment than either organic or conventional farms. Using integrated techniques such as crop rotation, organic fertilizers, cover crops, and very little pesticide application would use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production than either organic or conventional farms.